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10 Bets Challenge £10 to £1,000 – How We Do It

Our football betting tip for the 10 bets challenge is betting on any singles or doubles that are between 1/2 – 1/1 . You are looking at for average odds of 3/5 or similar, too much either way would mean making too little profit or being too much of a risk.

We worked out our #10bets challenge so that 10 bets from a £10 stake being re-invested every time would get you above £1,000. So it’s 10 bets to £1K, sounds pretty good when all you’re risking is £10 right? As you can see from the table below, betting your whole return every time from the first £10 bet on odds of between 1/2 – 1/1 or somewhere close to that then you can make it all the way to bet 10 and have over £1,000 in your account.

How do I start?

We have found it a lot easier making our bets with a single bookie rather than looking through other bookies as they offer a huge range of markets and usually the best odds!

Now you can either start trying your own bets or Sign up for FREE to see our suggestions on bet’s we’re making in our 10 bets challenge, lets make some money!

So Does It Actually Work?

We’re placing bets that are likely to pay off, but for the best chance of keeping the wins going, just keep the bets to odds around 3/5 and don’t try and rush it with greedy bets getting better odds (that’s usually how you’ll end up losing out). Stick to the markets we suggest, it’s easy to place the bets and don’t just pick any random game even if the odds look good, always do a little research on the teams current form and previous goals.

The bet’s we’ll advise on taking in this section will be the bet’s we are taking ourselves so we aim to give you the best possible picks from what is available and will try to get through as many bets as possible every week.

This is based on placing bets on odds of 3/5 with our Starting Stake: £10

Bet 1£16.00
Bet 2£25.60
RECOMMENDED – RISK FREEWithdraw Initial £10 Stake, so you’re back to £15.60
Bet 3£40.96
Bet 4£65.54
Bet 5£104.86
Bet 6£167.78
Bet 7£268.45
Bet 8£429.52
Bet 9£687.23
Bet 10£1,099.57

Can I really make £1,000 from £10?

We’re not saying it’s guaranteed, not even close but the math shows that 10 ongoing bets at odds of between 1/2 – 1/1 returns you the amounts shown in the table below (if you continue to win). We don’t just bet on any match, we pick ones we’ve researched and feel are most likely to pay off.

If you want to be even smarter with it, you can cash out 10% of your money every bet you make. This way you will have at least made your money back after a few bets and still have a lot of money to continue the challenge with (You would still end up with a large sum at the end of the 10 bet challenge)!

Follow us or go it alone

The 10 bets challenge can end whenever you want, if you make it half way and think you’ve made enough then you can take your winnings and enjoy them all from £10. You could even withdraw half the money you’ve made then continue with what you have left, or if you’d rather go for glory then just keep on with the betting until you reach 10!

In the same way you can speed up the winnings by taking slightly more risky bets (say 1.5/1 or 2/1), this will increase you’re winnings and mean you have to make a lot less bets to reach your goal. This will also mean the your risk is much greater and the chance of losing it all means that making it all the way might not happen!

You could also go the other way and be even safer, taking bets at 3/10 this would make profits even smaller and take a lot longer to reach our target but the chances of winning would be much better.

We picked our margins because it’s great value for money and keeps the chances of winning quite high. The majority of bets we put on here will not be much either side of 1/2 – 1/1 unless we feel there is a high chance of the bet coming in and it’s outside these boundaries.

Try turning your £10 into over £1,000 by betting smart!



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